I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of scary things going on right now in the world in terms of climate change.  What’s with the agricultural fertilizer chemical runoff causing massive algae blooms, which in turn cause dead spots along the shoreline?  Or how about overuse of antibiotics in livestock creating super-bacteria?  Or what about farmers in California irrigating their crops in this drought and then throwing 30 percent of their harvests away due to product lead time? Or have you heard about Godzilla in the cornfields of the mid-west?  Ok, that last one is a lie, but the others are truth.

In the last 70 years, US agriculture made a shift away from earth-friendly practices towards larger scale and synthetic chemical practices, and farmers haven’t necessarily been good stewards of the planet in our quest for more food and higher yields.  Luckily, we’ve been realizing this, and farms everywhere have been converting back to older, more long term sustainable practices.

Seth is a part of this with his work at Stearns Farm, where he is an Assistant Grower at this organic CSA.  And the two of us would like to take an even greater part in the rebirth of earth-friendly agriculture by starting our own farm.  We’re not there yet, and so in the meantime we’ll be traveling to different farms near us so we can learn what they do to maintain fertility for the long haul and tread lightly on our planet.

From here, you can follow along with our farm profiles (link to come), or by reading about our work at Stearns, the farm where Seth works and where I volunteer.  These links will bring you to all of the posts in each of those categories, starting with the newest posts first.  So why don’t you stick around a while, stop and smell the roses!  (Just kidding, those are poppies.)