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Inwards and Outwards

Posted on August 7, 2016

There has been a division in our life lately.  A natural division for us, I think.  It started in March when we learned that we are expecting our first baby this December, and culminated at the end of last month when some very kind folks moved our tiny house to their property so we can finish building. The division is this: Seth is focusing on the outward, aka the house, the house, the house.  It’s a big task!  Especially if we’re going to finish it in time for this baby we’re brewing.  And I’m focusing on the inwards, which (thankfully) means resting, researching house details, and daydreaming over things to sew. It’s one of the more ancient divisions: woman inside, man out.  It feels very Laura Ingalls…

Putting a halt on progress

Posted on March 9, 2016

Since the local newspaper published an article about our tiny house last month, we’ve had a lot of traffic headed our way.  Mostly, this has been great! We love chatting about the tiny house with new people and having people recognize Seth in random places.  But the added attention did come with a snag.  The local building department investigated our house and issued us a stop work order in the week after the article, which meant we couldn’t do any work.  Unfortunately, this happened during one of the warmest Februarys I can remember, putting a halt on all things tiny. The building department gave us the stop work order because, like in most municipalities, the tiny house falls into a gray area in zoning…

Welcome aboard, Grace Church!

Posted on June 7, 2015

If you’ve ever been to a large city’s suburbs, you know the houses are packed together like sardines.  Many houses don’t even have yards.  And while a tiny house is teeny compared to a regular house, one thing that you need when you’re building is space.  You need space to put the trailer, and then you need space around the trailer so you can lay out your walls and cut lumber and store tools.  And one thing that Boston does not have is space. Seth and I are Boston-area transplants.  We’re not used to having neighbors in every direction, peeking down into our business.  So when we were figuring out the logistics of building, we knew we didn’t want to try to build in…