Hello!  Here we are, Christine and Seth at Seth’s work farm, with Lily somewhere in the farm fields.  The three of us are on our way to life in a tiny house on our own organic vegetable farm that we call Earth Morning.  We named it after the Latin roots of our married name.  When we picked our new last name in 2009, we didn’t know we were going to farm together, but after giving it a try through Seth’s job as the Assistant Grower at a local vegetable farm, we’re sold.

We’re reaching our goal through lots of hard (but fun) work on the farm and at my day job, through downsizing, frugality, and more than a smidgen of luck. Tentative timeline for our goals:

2014 – raise funds

Mid-2015 – Begin to build tiny house

Mid-2016 – Move into tiny house

2016 – Raise funds (much easier when you’re not paying rent!), gain more farming experience

201? – Start farm