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Home is best

Posted on September 1, 2018

I guess we planned our August a little too well because we were away nearly every weekend.  We went to see a dear friend in Maine for three nights in the beginning of August.  The following weekend we spent our day off at a family reunion in Connecticut, and then the third weekend we went to Martha’s Vineyard to see another friend for a whirlwind visit and tour of beautiful scenery.  This weekend we’re making yet another visit.  And while I feel blessed to have friends and family who want to see us, it’s definitely taking a toll.  All three of us have come down with a head cold of the drippy sort, and all at the same time.  Normally it’s staggered a little…


Posted on November 10, 2013

I missed the deadline for the Cornell Beginning Farmers online course registration for their fall course.  To be fair, Seth’s father passed away, I started a new job, and we moved to a new apartment — all in the time-span of three months.  Things have been hectic.  Maybe that’s an understatement. We’re settling down now, and I have a new plan: sign up for the class that starts in January.  Yes!  In the meantime, I sense lots of cooking, some bike riding, and plenty of dog walks in my future.

The problem with squash

Posted on July 14, 2013

Want to know something awesome?  Squash vines root themselves periodically along the length of their growing vine.  This is handy in case some heartless insect desiccates the initial stem of the vine, making you worry that maybe your two lonesome squash vines are not going to make it.  They will!  They root themselves elsewhere! Want to know how I found this out?  I accidentally pulled up the roots.