I guess we planned our August a little too well because we were away nearly every weekend.  We went to see a dear friend in Maine for three nights in the beginning of August.  The following weekend we spent our day off at a family reunion in Connecticut, and then the third weekend we went to Martha’s Vineyard to see another friend for a whirlwind visit and tour of beautiful scenery.  This weekend we’re making yet another visit.  And while I feel blessed to have friends and family who want to see us, it’s definitely taking a toll.  All three of us have come down with a head cold of the drippy sort, and all at the same time.  Normally it’s staggered a little bit so at least one of us can take care of the other two.  Oh well.

We’re still on the go today.  I just had an itch to write for a few minutes before getting the day going, I think due to the fall-like weather that’s swept over us. Today involves the normal house chores, a bit of extra cleaning to make up for everything I’ve missed in the last month but minus animal care (thank you volunteers!).  Seth is working of course.  There’s also babysitting, and then much-needed garden work before the farm’s fancy event next weekend.  And now that I think about it, there’s a more low-key but still happening event the following weekend.  Oh dear.

I see herbs in our future: elderberry and nettle, fire cider and St. John’s wort.  Syrup, tea, infused vinegar, and the herb garden.  And soon, sometime in this beautiful month of September, we will be home together on a Sunday with nothing before us but crisp air and changing leaves, and a day of restful quiet.