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Tough Love for Tomatoes

Posted on July 16, 2013

Perhaps it was optimistic to plant so many tomato plants when all the community garden old-timers were predicting another hard year of blight.  No one harvested a single tomato last year they all said.  Blight wiped out everyone’s crops. They say luck favors the bold.  Or is it that you make your own luck?  Whatever the case, we have 35 tomato plants and more than half of them have set forth green globes.  I want tomatoes clear through to next summer, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make my babies as healthy as possible. If you swung by the gardens this morning, you might have seen me — er, scratch that — you might not have seen me crouched among my tomato plants,…

The problem with squash

Posted on July 14, 2013

Want to know something awesome?  Squash vines root themselves periodically along the length of their growing vine.  This is handy in case some heartless insect desiccates the initial stem of the vine, making you worry that maybe your two lonesome squash vines are not going to make it.  They will!  They root themselves elsewhere! Want to know how I found this out?  I accidentally pulled up the roots.


Posted on July 13, 2013

It still amazes me that I have a garden and it is growing.  Tomato plants!  Peas!  Zucchini and basil and squash.  Two months ago it was a square of dirt and now we have a jungle of tangled vines that might produce produce.  Is anyone else amazed by this? It would help if I kept things in better shape, I’m sure.  I pulled five five-gallon buckets’ worth of weeds out of five raised beds.  That seems like an awful lot for one 16’x25′ piece of land. Still.  My little patch of earth is producing sugar peas and wee baby cucumbers and wee baby eggplants.  I pulled carrots and chives and dug up some garlic this week.  I transplanted a few Thai basil plants so…