Sewing baby things is satisfying. I can go from fabric pile to finished dress in about two hours, including time for ripping out mistakes (twice! Ok, it was three times).  I whipped up this little dress this morning out of a roll of fabric I found at a rummage sale, clearly left over from the 80s. It looks like toweling, but it’s a nice, sheer weave that feels like a poly/cotton. 

I used the same basic pattern as the last dress: four rectangles sewn together into a gathered skirt, folded bodice, and straps. For this one I added cloth tape, in part to increase the size of the bodice, in part to provide reinforcement to the front snaps. I didn’t bother ironing it before I popped it on the baby. Because it’s hot! And wearing homemades shouldn’t have to wait. 

This one is too big, so we’ll get plenty of wear out of it this summer. And now I think I’m ready for another dress pattern with more variety. I have an Oliver + S pattern that I’ve been wanting to try out, I just haven’t had the energy or the space to trace the pattern (so I can make it in different sizes) and cut it out. So this dress will suffice for now. 

A new baby changing mat appeared too while I had the sewing machine out, this one from a Joann’s Fabric remnant with an old towel doubled up for stuffing. Looks like my tastes run to bright colors.  I can’t say I mind, it just leaves me a little concerned for the future of our tiny house, where I’m sure there will be rainbows every which way we look. Color everywhere!