It's raining again today, another wet day in a wet summer. Addie and I were at the farm earlier, walking through the chill damp to get the babies to sleep, and although we were well wrapped I was still wet from the knees down at the end of the morning.

The unseasonable rain throws it into relief; I am grateful for this good roof over our heads. The roof was one of the last bits of work Seth and I built together last year before I fell pregnant and we curtailed my workload. But I am still in awe of this shelter we created. How much I used to take for granted! I never thought about what goes into a roof until we built one and it was watertight.

We met up with an architect recently. a friend of a friend (hi Richard!), who wanted to chat tiny houses. He assuaged some of my concerns about our roof. Because although it doesn't leak, we do have condensation on hot days that drips occasionally from our strong ties. We talked about insulation and whether or not to fill the roof joist cavities or to leave an air gap (we filled ours completely). My research points in either direction, and he laughed and said the same, that it's a contentious issue with some architects. He thinks our bathroom fan will probably alleviate the problem once it's installed. That is indeed some good news.

This was in my head today as I was thinking about the roof that doesn't leak. Drips but not leaks. Addie and I watched the rain come down through the window and we let the dog out and then in. We have some more work to do on the house, I guess. There will always be work as part of home-ownership. But in the meantime, there is the sweet sound of droplets marching as they meet our metal roof, reminding me of where we started and how far we've come.