The last few weeks have been quieter than usual, with migraines keeping me in bed a bit more than normal. Then the migraine-free days come, and when they coincide with comfortable weather it makes for one happy family.

Like today. It was a CSA share pickup day at one of Seth’s farms. We like to make an outing of it, so even though Seth could have gotten the share himself after work, Addie and I stopped in for lunch with him and some time on the farm. 

Blueberries are in season now, which we picked together in the cool mist. Green beans too, although the first tomatoes are still just around the corner. There are lots of greens thanks to all this rain of course. I like to play with these fresh vegetables. With so many coming in from our different farms, we have a lot of options, and Seth and I tell each other at night over a big salad or crisp zucchini or tangy fridge pickles, “good ingredients make for good food.” Simple meals, cooked and eaten with minimal fanfare and happy bellies. Yes please.