So this thing happened this one time where we moved the tiny house and two of our beautiful walls went from plumb to out of plumb.  One shifted by an inch over nine feet, the other by a half inch over the same. To the practiced eye, the house looked bow-legged.

I consulted with one of my friends and coworkers, a resident building expert with more than 60 years in the business.  “Oh no big deal,” he said, “Just drill a hole in the two walls, use a come-along and ratchet it in, put up your collar ties, and release the come-along.  Make sure you tighten them a bit more than they need because they’ll snap back when you let’em go.  The collar ties’ll keep’em in place from here on out.”

Ha ha, I said.

I shouldn’t have doubted.

Seth proceeded with what sounded like a half-cocked plan that actually worked.  He did just as my friend suggested.  He bought a heavy duty come-along, used it to ratchet in the walls, put up the collar ties, let the come-along go, and each wall came in by a half inch.  One wall is now plumb.  One is out by a half inch over 9 feet.  And as my googling suggests, that’s ok. I can’t believe it worked without dropping the house on Seth’s head.  I’m glad I wasn’t there.

As for Seth?

Never again, he mutters, never again.