There has been a division in our life lately.  A natural division for us, I think.  It started in March when we learned that we are expecting our first baby this December, and culminated at the end of last month when some very kind folks moved our tiny house to their property so we can finish building. The division is this: Seth is focusing on the outward, aka the house, the house, the house.  It’s a big task!  Especially if we’re going to finish it in time for this baby we’re brewing.  And I’m focusing on the inwards, which (thankfully) means resting, researching house details, and daydreaming over things to sew.

It’s one of the more ancient divisions: woman inside, man out.  It feels very Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Seth comes home and tells me what work he did that day.  We pore over the research I’ve come up with and we make decisions for future building purchases and methods.  Of course, our days involve power tools, iPhone photos, and Google, and Laura’s involved hand sewing and barn-raising with the neighbors.  So not exactly the same, I guess.

Since our last blog post, we’ve finished wrapping the house with air barrier.  We’ve installed the roof panels.   We used threaded rods to attach the house to the trailer in place of hurricane ties.We sat at the experts’ table at a tiny house festival.  We moved the house from and cleaned up our old build site.  We’re about halfway through prepping all 10 of our windows, and Seth is out there today, putting up the final pieces of roof trim.  This week marks the first of our windows going in.  Not bad for one day a week.  Until now.

We’re building this tiny house and we have a ways to go.  And quite frankly, we need help.  I can’t help on the weekends anymore, so Seth has taken to working on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the day in addition to Sundays.  Are you free?  Can you come by and help?  Your tasks will be holding things level and plumb, fetching equipment for someone up a ladder, or if you’re comfortable using power tools, installing things alongside Seth.  We work best with one or two helpers at a time, since each task is fairly small and doesn’t require a crew.  If so, shoot us an email via the Get Involved page of our website, and thank you in advance!

On the home front, we’ve had two ultrasounds and learned the sex of our baby.  We received our first baby gift and purchased our first baby purchase (cloth diapers.  Don’t crush our optimism). We’ve fallen into the cycle of summer farm abundance.  We’ve been exhausted and frustrated and hopeful and exhilarated.  Same as everyone, right?