We recently made Lily the happiest dog in the world. I use “we” loosely, because it was Seth who did it. He got a job as an assistant grower at Stearns CSA farm, who then decided they need a smart dog around the place. It’s a dream come true for our lucky girl. Working outside every day? Learning how to ride a tractor? Chasing off squirrels and bunnies and birds? This dog loves it.

Of course the issue is that she comes home, eats supper, and goes straight to bed. We have to coax her to get moving the next morning. Every once in a while when Seth calls, “Lily, time to go to work,” as he puts on his coat, we might have a prancing, grunting dog who can’t wait to have her collar snapped on.  But that’s rare.  We think it’s the car ride.

The moment she gets to work, she slopes off to investigate which critters have tried to break into the greenhouses in the night and say hello to the other farmers. Then it’s into the fields for a sniff around the perimeter, and finally a day spent with one eye on Seth, one eye on the fields to chase off unsuspecting interlopers.



It’s a dog’s life.  What can I say?