Vegetable Recipe cards

I guess the winter got me down more than I thought, because I had a two week fervor where all I did was sketch vegetables and then try to turn them into something pretty.  It was during the miserable cold stretch between the snow melting and the weather warming up enough for the soil to reach that magical stage, “workable.”

Radish recipe cards

Now that it’s warm(ish), I work my plot of dirt instead of my sketchbook.  But there’s still time for cooking.  And if you like functional, pretty things in your kitchen, I hope you’ll enjoy these.  Just download, print on cardstock — I used Staples — and cut out on the light gray lines.  I made them in two sizes:  3″x5″ cards if you’re old-school like me, or 4″x6″ recipe cards.  Enjoy!

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