It’s early yet, but my garden is on its way.  Seth and I planted spinach, endive, dandelion, peas, radishes, and carrots in the last month or so.  The peas are reaching for the sky.  We’re harvesting chives and spring garlic already.  And thank goodness for that.  A person can only take so many supermarket vegetables before her body revolts.

This weekend, I recruited my brother to help put up the pea trellis.  We’re using a pole stretched between two stakes, with string hanging down for the peas to climb.  Will it work?  It’s anybody’s guess.  But I can tell you that our next door gardener often watches us working with confusion in his face.  I get that a lot.

This garden experiment is all in good fun.  Seth and I compare notes on the weekends to see what he’s doing at the farm vs. what I’ve implemented at the garden.  We share tips.  It makes it a heck of a lot easier when you have a farmer on your side, I can tell you that!