Every morning for the last week, I've woken up and thought to myself, how much will I be able to knit today? I hope it's a lot. But August has other plans of the green variety, I guess! Because when I look back at what I've done, there's been a lot more herb gathering than yarn squeezing.

The garden is giving me loads of spilanthes, aka toothache plant. I wasn't sure what to do with it at first, until I learned that it makes for a quick fix for teething babies. Let them chew on a bud for 30 seconds or so without swallowing. Presto! Numb gums with reduced pain afterwards. And let me tell you, that has saved my bacon multiple times this week.

I've got herbs hanging from the ceiling to dry for medicine at a later date: anise hyssop, goldenrod, motherwort, and holy basil. And there's a jar of blue vervain infusing in vinegar on my counter. I made another batch of flower essences too. I'm also pretty sure there's some calendula drying somewhere. I keep picking the blossoms anyway.

August is surely the herbal month. There is so much more to harvest from the garden before it goes for the season. And despite the heat, I can feel the season turning. It's in the cooler nights, the mornings we have to put a hoodie over the baby's onesie. The ripening corn and tomatoes (oh goodness, the tomatoes!). And yes, in the knitting too.