This is such a little craft that it feels almost too small to post. But I figured let's share it and bring some magic into your life as well as mine. This beautiful bit of wood is a card holder for my daily herbal oracle draw. Every day, I pick a card from the deck at random to meditate on, and use this holder to display the card.

The wood itself is a piece of cherry gifted to us from a friend with a lot of scraps from his wood shop. We were planning to use them to feed our wood stove, but some were big enough for small projects. Seth cut this one to my specifications, and I sealed and painted the ends gold, and then finished the whole thing with a beeswax-grapeseed oil mixture.

The cards are the Druid Plant Oracle, which I purchased a few years ago, and which I adore! They have some herb lore in their booklet, and it's fun to interact with my herbs in another way.

We have enough wood that I can make two dozen card displays or more. I was originally thinking of selling them. It's still not off the table, and now that I see how nice the finish looks I kind of want to dive in and make more. But I have yet to figure out how to use power tools safely without another person around to watch Addie. So this is the one holder I've got for now. For now. I can see them in oak, walnut, and maple too. Just beautiful. I love beautiful things.