Well she certainly doesn’t need more clothing, but that didn’t stop me from making the sweetest baby dress this week. I picked up this swiss dot cotton lawn from the local craft store and dove in. Now, baby plus part time work plus gardening plus cooking doesn’t leave a ton of time for sewing. But this fabric! I had to make something. And so in ten and fifteen minute intervals, sometimes with an impatient baby at the table with me, I sewed a dress. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn clothing from scratch, and like I do with cooking, I looked at a pattern and decided, Hmm, I can make that. And then changed the whole thing around.  To be sure, this usually results in clothing that doesn’t quite fit. But baby clothes are more forgiving than adult clothes, thanks to that round baby belly and roly baby arms, I think. And everything looks good with chubby baby cheeks smiling above. 

The dress is not perfect for sure. The straps are a mite short so it rides up under her arms, which I will have to fix before she wears it again. Also, I forgot to calculate any ease in the bodice, so the dress will fit for maybe the next two weeks and then we’re in danger of busting a seam. The bodice fabric is inside out because I got my french seaming confused. Let’s pretend that was on purpose, shall we? But shortcomings and all, I love this wee dress. I may as well be making doll clothes here.