Thirty-two years ago this month, my parents welcomed me earth-side. It was just after sunrise. Now with both feet firmly planted in my thirties, I’m loving where this decade has brought me. Motherhood! Tiny house! Outside every day! I have farms, farmers, friends, and family whom I care about, and the sweetest, roundest baby I could have ever dreamed up. 

Eight years ago this month, Seth and I married each other. We stood on a back porch overlooking a lake. It rained all day and our guests wore flowers in their hair and temporary tattoos on their skin. Seth and I vowed to love each other and grow side by side. Every day we are fulfilling that promise.

Today we celebrated the afternoon six months ago when Seth became a father. We spent the day at the beach where Seth passed his summer vacations growing up, splashing in tidal pools and strolling through shops. There may have been a chocolate frappe involved. This lovely day was our gift to ourselves. Although we had a dozen other things we could have done for the house, the shore beckoned, and we followed, giving ourselves a break from all things build and easing into a slower rhythm for this one day, attuning ourselves to the great, breathing ocean. I’ve heard it said that the cure for all things is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea. Yes, yes. This, I believe, is true. 

This week is the summer solstice, a day for looking forward. Birthday, anniversary, fathers day, and the sun. June, you bring us so much joy.