Welcome, readers of the MetroWest Daily News! We’re delighted you’ve stopped by to check out our little project. Please read on for one of our progress updates.  If you’re not from the MetroWest Daily News, click here to read the article and watch the video featuring our tiny house!

Thanks to Seth’s hard work over the last week or so, the roof deck of the tiny house is in place just in time for this week’s rotten weather. We’re still keeping the tarp over the everything to protect the plywood from moisture as much as possible, but we’re in decent shape for snow.  Unfortunately, we managed to not take any pictures of the house with the entire roof on, so you’ll have to believe us when we say it looks pretty darn good.


Seth did most of the roof sheathing by himself. Somehow he was able to lift sheets of 3/4″ plywood up a ladder (75 lbs. a sheet!), hold them in place, and nail them down without another person’s help. In related news, Seth is Superman.  Christine, on the other hand, helped out with the dormer roof and considered the day a success after standing on the loft without panicking at the height.  Go team.

We’ve been spending these last few snowy days by working on the reclaimed windows: scraping up the old paint and making note of which windows need new hardware.  When the weather swings back to above-freezing temps, we’ll begin installing the metal roofing, then the house wrap, and then the windows.  We are also getting our shipment of cedar clapboard siding in the next week or two, which will need to be stained to maintain its coloring and to protect it from warping and splitting.  Plenty to do during these snowy days!