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House progress has been slow going for the last month as we straightened out the beam situation. But we were both looking forward to the week’s vacation I took from work this week so we could get some serious house building done. Unfortunately, it turns out that Hurricane Kate, while not landing on the East Coast, made for for several wet, drizzly days in a row in the middle of my vacation that made it less than ideal for running power tools. And coupled with another migraine, meant that half of my vacation was down the tubes.

It’s not really a catastrophe, or even very bad.  It made for a leisurely vacation.  We put up those beams, did some planning, some planing, and other things. The frustrating part comes from the thought of our house getting soaked again. Argh!  Water.  And although it’s nice out now with these 50 degree days, winter is coming on soon.  We’re going to have to hustle to get the house closed up in time for snowfall.  Otherwise we could be looking at all kinds of water damage, like soaked plywood floors, wood that bows up and out, damaged beams.  You know.


No worse than usual, I guess!