Happy winter solstice! I can think of no better way to celebrate the light’s return than at a farm.  We spent our solstice morning helping out with a  friend’s grain threshing day.  This 5-acre farm grew rice, wheat, and dried beans this season, and hosted a party for those of us who wanted to try our hands at hulling, grinding, and processing the grains to make them ready for human consumption. There were old exercise bikes mounted to older milling implements, an 1851 wheat chaff separator, a fire barrel, and some tinkering and ingenuity as we kept breaking down and starting up again.

We drove to the tiny house after lunch to close it up for this week’s rain. Just before the light left for the day, we burnt some herbs and our intentions for the year 2016, and then rounded out the evening at home in our pjs eating an all local dinner.

Sometimes, friends, we just get it right.  And we’re wishing you a good winter season full of things you get right too.  Happy solstice.