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With the weather on our side this weekend, we got our walls in the air.  It was the first of what I hope will be many community build days, and a big thank you to Zach, Richard, Linda, Jules, Jay, Evie, Andrew, and Alex! This crew was amazing.

Over the last several weeks, Seth and I have spent our weekends measuring and cutting wood, and then laying out walls and nailing them together.  But for the day of the wall raising, we still needed to build half of each of the long walls. And so Seth and I began this past Sunday with frantic wood cutting.  A little more than an hour in, Linda arrived and took over the measuring portion, and I began to lay out walls.

Then as everyone else arrived, we divided into two crews.  A few of us finished laying out the two wall halves on the ground, and everyone else lifted our already built walls into place. We moved along at a good clip.  It turned out to be a repetitive process: lay down sill seal; lift wall into place; adjust so that it’s level, flush with the trailer, and plumb.; nail down bottom plate; brace wall with a long 2×4; nail in corner posts; repeat. Before we broke for a late lunch, we nailed together the two half walls.  And by we, I mean Seth, Zach, and Julie, who were pretty badass with the way they handled the nail guns.

By the end of the day, everyone could still account for their eyes and fingers, and Seth and I left our skeleton of a house standing where there used to be nothing but a trailer.  I call that a success! We’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s exciting getting our walls up and showing people just how spacious a tiny house can be on the inside.  Here’s to one step further on this adventure.