I’ve got a bunch of crafting going on here, but since most of it is for the people who read this blog, it’s going to remain a mystery. But it’s happening! I’ve picked up my needles once again and invested in some lovely yarn. Of course, a little bit of the yarn is for me. An early solstice present. Ok, it’s a lot of yarn for me. I couldn’t resist.

Addie features prominently in my holiday crafting, except I haven’t started anything for her yet, hoping to knock some of the other presents off my to do list. I’m planning on a double layer hat in this red wool and whatever matching scraps I have, and then a little vest to keep her core warm, and maybe a Tomten sweater like in that photo. There are 19 days until solstice, and 18 until her birthday. She’s not a big kid, her clothes should knit up quick! Totally doable, right? Especially if you don’t factor in the sweater I’m finishing up for Seth, which needs one and a half sleeves, the yoke, collar, and cuffs. But hey, it’s in big yarn! That should knit up quick too. Maybe.

Ok, so maybe Santa can loan out some reinforcements.