Time flies. I've had a busy few weeks, dating back to a recent acupuncture appointment. We talked about the possibility of Lyme Disease, which is no joke here in our part of Massachusetts, and since then I've felt a fire growing. Was it the words or the acupuncture treatment? Regardless, my ginger is up and all I know is that my hands want to be full of herbs. Everything else is taking a backseat to figuring out what I can do with my plants in the time I have left this season.

I have some ideas in the works, plans for helping people and selling the things I've been working on. They are so pretty! And we all know that I love pretty things. The more pretty things I sell, the more I get to make. Making and sharing herbs, connecting with people over one of my favorite subjects — this is what I'm after. Instagram is great for pretty things but not so strong on conversation.

At some point the season will die down and there will be time again for sewing, browsing the library, and cozying up to friends and knitting. But now is not that time. There are herbs to work!