The baby’s dress was not the end of the sewing spree. I had a few minutes before we scooted out the door for fathers day and I whipped up a couple of bags for myself. Selfish sewing! Amen. 

First up: a new wallet to replace the one whose zipper broke a few weeks ago and has been scattering coins about like breadcrumbs for geese. I used scraps of Seth’s first pair of farming Carhartts for the outside because at the last minute I realized I didn’t have any canvas in my stash. But the inside — it’s the universe in there. It makes me smile whenever I see it. 

I used the same universe fabric to make a knitting project bag. For my projects on the go I’ve been using an old Halloween candy sack my mom made years and years ago. It’s essentially a pillowcase, and I love it. So versatile! And easy to make whenever I need another. Mine (and my mom’s) has french seams on the inside and a simple twice-folded hem. It’s big enough to fit a sweater but will also hold socks without being too bulky when folded over and tossed in the diaper bag. Some people like drawstrings but you’ll never convert me! Now that I have the means to show off  large swatches of fabrics that I love, I’m dreaming of the possibilities. Of course, the bag spends most of its time crumpled up in the car, hidden beneath some yarn or another. But I would argue that it’s at its most beautiful when in use. I think most objects want to be used and loved and worn out instead of sitting safe on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust. I’d feel the same way.