The second biggest question we get about living in the tiny house is this: “How’s it going with a BABY in the TINY house?” (The first question people ask is invariably about our toilet.)

It’s going well, I think? I haven’t had kids in a standard-sized house so it’s hard to compare, but so far Addie is a happy little bug. We don’t have a ton of toys for her because we have no place to put them, which means we spend a lot of time talking to the baby and including her in our daily activities as she plays with bowls or fruit or balls of yarn. She can see us from just about anywhere we put her. She sees us in all our moods and modes, whether we’re putting away groceries, discussing the life plan, or installing a shower valve. And this in itself is a beautiful gift. Because the tiny house allows us to get by on one salary, she is with at least one of us at all times. I can’t think of anything in a bigger house that equals that in excellence. 

Gear-wise, we have the typical things you might think. For a long time Addie slept in a sidecar arrangement but now has space with us in bed. We’re looking into putting a crib mattress for her in between the bed and the wall because while we don’t mind sharing, sometimes this mama wants to spread out over more than the 15″ of mattress the baby thinks I should get. 

Addie has a bouncy chair that moves from kitchen to living area and back, depending on what we’re doing, and a high chair that clips onto the table. We’re on the cusp of switching her to cloth diapers from disposables — huzzah! She’s breastfed so there is minimal feeding stuff. However we’re quite overrun with books compared to our storage space for them, but is that really something to complain about?

Am I missing anything else? This question tends to leave me a bit stumped. A young baby is never easy, I’ve learned, even for all you tiny house dreamers instead of lifers. But having one in the tiny house suits us fine. Maybe check in once she starts crawling and we’re scrambling to cover the walls and pick up dust bunnies and dog fluff. “Don’t put that in your mouth!” I can just see it now.