Some of the kind folks in Somerville put together a tiny house festival for the Boston area: The BIG Tiny, organized by Miranda’s Hearth.  And thank goodness.  As excited as we are to live in a tiny house, we’d never actually stood inside of one.  I mean, if you’re going to live in a 160 square foot dwelling with your partner-in-crime, you’d better figure out if the proximity makes you want to pie each other in the face, you know?

We went later in the day.  I was dizzy on my feet thanks to the migraine meds I’d taken earlier, but Seth looked at home among the beards and flannel shirts of Somerville.


We stood in line for an hour before we stepped into the one tiny house on display, which was owned by a very patient man named Drew.  (By the end of the day, about 2000 people toured his house.)  Seth and I walked through with six other people.  That makes nine total in the house at one time. Nine! And his house was only 6.5 feet wide on the inside.  At that point, I was ready to throw some pies.


Drew answered a few questions for us and then Seth and I edged out and let a half dozen more people take our place.  I was hoping to stay at the festival for the screening of TINY: The Movie, but I still hadn’t regained my land legs and there wasn’t any seating, so we took off.

It was a quick visit but a good one, and it gave us plenty to discuss for the weekend. The verdict: yes we can!  So thanks, Miranda’s Hearth, and thanks Drew.  Looking forward to next year.