It’s late, but I put in two varieties of spinach and some arugula today.  I also planted basil, parsley, and marigold seeds, but it might be too early for those.

Two days ago, I convinced a man with a lawn mower to dump two loads of weed-free cut grass in my garden.  He kept saying he probably wouldn’t have time, or he might have time, or maybe he wouldn’t have time, but he might do it.  He even flagged me and Lily down to say he was still considering dumping the grass in my plot, but maybe he wouldn’t get to it.

Well, he did.  And now my garden has that sweetish, rotting smell of grass digesting itself.  I don’t even know if it’s good for the plants.  But gosh darn it, my soil looked drier than dust, and that can’t be good for wee baby seedlings.