Took to the dog to the garden this morning to see what was left, and the answer is: not much.  I began prepping the beds for the winter by pulling up all the vegetable matter left.  Some schools of thought say to leave it to decompose.  Some say remove it to a compost pile.  I’m still deciding.

The next step is to lay down multiple sheets of newspaper over each bed and then pile on manure.  The theory is this will smother the weeds, prevent nutrient losses in the soil, and break down into compost over the winter.  Come spring, I should have ready beds!

If you look closely in the bed all the way to the left, you can see a profusion of green towards the far side.  That, my friends, is the garlic we thought we killed this spring.  But no!  It returned, and it’s even in rows.  Don’t ask me how that happened.