A garden is not like a dog.  If you stop paying attention to a dog, the dog will stop doing what you ask.  If you stop paying attention to the garden, it still grows.  Case in point?  This week’s harvest.  I didn’t think once about the garden for the past 10 days or so, and yet my garden grows.

Sure, the weeds are there, but so is the zucchini and even more tomatoes — more everything.  I feel like we’re in its heyday: these are the golden days of gardening.  The Roma and Sungold tomatoes just keep producing.  The sage overflows like a fountain, and the basil shoots up with abandon.  I even got my first butternut squash and green beans — although I figure we’ve seen just about the last of the cucumbers at this point, thanks to those darn squash beetles.

I was impressed with the way our produce spread across the entire kitchen counter.  If it doesn’t look like much to you, just figure that half the green beans and a third of the tomatoes were in my stomach at time of photo.